Street preaching, or public profession of faith is one of the oldest…and still most effective…ways of evangelism. Brad discusses the rights and legal considerations around public evangelism  in the United States.

He explains how street preaching has a long history in the Christian tradition and is protected under the First Amendment’s free exercise and free speech clauses. However, there are reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions that can be imposed, and Brad takes care to explain these guidelines in detail.

Public evangelism is nothing new. It’s very Biblical. It’s historical. And it’s proven to have great results for the Kingdom, especially when it’s done with the right heart and attitude.

Brad Dacus


Brad Dacus


Brad Dacus earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Texas School of Law. With a fervent dedication to constitutional rights, Brad founded the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) in 1997. PJI has since grown into one of the largest Christian non-profit organizations, offering legal—free of
charge—services to defend faith and family.

Brad has made numerous appearances on a variety of platforms, including FOX News, The Epoch Times, Good Morning America, and Tucker Carlson Tonight. Presently, Brad hosts PJI’s newest TV show, “Faith and Law” which is broadcast on networks and streaming platforms
across the country, including SalemNOW, NRB TV, American Faith, and more.

He also hosts, “Brad Dacus Live” which can be watched Monday through Thursday on Hischannel.com. With a reach spanning over 1,000 radio stations, Brad is a regular voice on the “Dacus Report,” and
delivers a succinct legal commentary, “The Legal Edge”; broadcasted on more than 800 radio stations weekly.

Addressing legislation that impacts religious freedom and parent’s rights, Brad has testified before the US House of Representatives in Washington, D.C., and has also testified on several occasions before the California State Legislature. Today, he visits and speaks at many churches, conferences, graduations, and conventions across the United States.