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12 Weeks of unity


Where To Start
Read Romans 12:1-16 and then watch the WEEK ELEVEN video.

Unity accelerates when we all serve each other.

1 Peter 4:10-11



Jesus is far more than just a teacher. His words and actions are consistent. Because Jesus serves us, we are committed to serve one another. In the world, leadership can be selfish, but we want to have a servant’s heart. God calls us to be like Christ. Jesus is both bold and humble. In the body of Christ, we need the timid to be bold, and the bold to be humble. This happens when we are filled with the Holy Spirit. God calls us to be ministers. God calls us to serve people where we live, work, learn, and play. God calls us to lead people to Him and lead people to His hope. Jesus washed feet. Jesus valued children. Jesus loved people from all nations. Jesus broke the cultural norms and patterns. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

Our spiritual DNA includes serving.

Unity breaks down when we decide not to serve. We are made to serve, but many people think the good life means not having to serve. Serving is an honor and a privilege. Yes, serving involves sacrifice. Most people say they want to serve until they are treated like a servant. When you know that you are working unto the Lord, it is a game changer. You will glorify Jesus when you serve. You will strengthen relationships when you serve. You will build up your church and God’s kingdom when you serve. Your life will have meaning and be filled with hope when you serve. Serving is living. You never graduate from this wonderful calling until you see Jesus face to face. Find someone you can serve and mentor. Elijah invested his life into Elisha who served God in his generation.

Have a vision beyond yourself.

Your attitude when you serve is significant. Do not resent people or be above people or look down on them. Serve with the joy of the Lord. Serve when no one is looking or there is no immediate reward. Know that God sees all your actions and will be rewarded. Like Jesus, serve in ways that are not comfortable, because serving is far more than playing it safe. Serving is not a substitute for seeking God. Churches that change their community have a commitment to serve their community. Go to where people are, listen well, and take relationship risks. The Holy Spirit will lead you out of a self-centered approach and lifestyle so you can be all God designed you to be.

Just Choose Hope



Become like Jesus and lead with a servant’s heart.

Additional Scripture Reading: 2 Kings 2, John 13, Colossians 3


Who are you mentoring in their faith?


How do you serve people who do not know Jesus yet?

How are you serving your church family with all your heart?


Father, we rely on You. Thank You for being our rock. Jesus thank You that You came to serve and not to be served. Thank You for the gifts You give us. Holy Spirit, we praise You and thank You for encouraging and empowering us. May we use our talents to serve in our home, church, and city. There are no limits to what You can do. We believe in You and our hope and confidence is in You. Jesus, please transform our communities and heal our land we pray. We want to be part of the solution. Thank You for Your great purpose and calling on our lives. We glorify You together and pray in Your name Lord, amen.