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12 Weeks of unity


Where To Start
Read Psalm 32 and then watch the WEEK THREE video.

Without integrity, unity is superficial.

Proverbs 10:9



God is faithful. Jesus keeps all His promises. The Holy Spirit always communicates truth. The trinity exists in perfect community. There is no darkness, deception, or despair with God. God never lies. Following Jesus includes a commitment to both authenticity and integrity. When you keep your word, you are glorifying God. The meaning of the word integrity includes a sense of oneness. Reject living a double life with a divided heart. You won’t be able to keep one foot on the boat and one foot on the dock.

Be the same person in all settings because character matters.

Authentegrity is a word I created to intentionally illustrate a point. The culture views authenticity as the end goal, but that is not God’s perspective. Many people are real about their bitterness, sin, hatred, selfishness, and rage but they have no desire to change. There is more to life than transparency. Appropriate vulnerability is courageous, and authenticity is noble. Once we reveal truth about ourselves, the next step forward is to honor God. Zacchaeus was a selfish tax collector who took advantage of people. Jesus changed his heart from stingy to generous, from crooked to compassionate, and from me- centered to hope-filled. Like Zacchaeus, do more than just admit being self-consumed and dishonest. Repent and become generous and eager to serve. God loves us as we are, but He also loves us too much to let us stay this way. Authentegrity builds real community and is foundational for bringing the hope of God to our homes, churches, and cities.

When you chose integrity, you are choosing unity.

David and Jonathan developed a special relationship because they could trust each other. Saul, Jonathan’s father, tried to kill David. God rescued David from multiple attacks, and David remained very close friends with Jonathan because their relationship was full of authenticity and integrity. Thank God for the people who stick with you in adversity. Wounds from a friend can be trusted. Nathan rebuked David after he slept with another man’s wife. Honesty is necessary for unity, and a true brother will help you return to God. Unity that is saturated with integrity brings hope and joy.

Just Choose Hope



Faithfulness to God is your highest calling and joy.

Additional Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 18, 2 Samuel 12, Luke 19


When do you feel insecure and how is God changing that?


How can you be more authentic in all situations?

When has someone has rebuked you, and was it very fruitful?


Almighty God, You are love, light, and a consuming fire. Jesus, You are the light of the world. We want to walk in the light. We reject the darkness. You are our living hope Jesus. May we shine for Your glory in this generation. May we be united so the world will know You. We are very grateful and ask all of this in Your name, Lord. Amen.