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12 Weeks of unity


Where To Start
Read 1 Peter 2:4-12 and then watch the WEEK TWELVE video.

Abiding with Jesus includes His infinite hope.

Romans 15:13



Father God loves Jesus and declares His pleasure as Jesus is baptized. The Holy Spirit is revealing the greatness of Jesus. For the last twelve weeks, we have been celebrating the harmony and unity within the trinity. We have also been growing in our unity at home, in the church, and in the community. God fills us with His Spirit, word, and hope. The God of hope is generous, and we overflow when we abide. God is not running out of hope. The key for us is to find the ancient wells and drink deeply of the living water which truly satisfies. Drop the broken cisterns, make the hope shifts, and return to the source of all hope.

We need hope in our relationships.

We become discouraged, hurt, doubting, and disappointed, and often choose isolation and independence when God offers more. People are going to mistreat us and let us down. We are all flawed. Even with the right intentions, we hurt the people we love. The answer to our broken relationships and families is Jesus. Jesus restores, heals, and renews. We want to make Jesus the Lord of our lives and make room for God in our daily lives. Our prayer is that He will flood our hearts with His hope. Churches should be the most hope-filled places in our communities. We need to repent, abide with Jesus, and answer the call for all of us to be ministers who receive and give the hope of God.

Unity is the result of many selfless and wise decisions.

Give up what is small to gain what is greater. We need to trust God and lean not on our own understanding. Abraham and Sarah were blessed to be a blessing. They received God’s compelling vision and hope. They saw beyond what was comfortable. Their family traveled together as they were holding on to God’s promises and seeking His presence. God is giving His people a fresh vision of hope today that is local and global. We walk in unity because we walk with Jesus. Unity glorifies God. It is often more difficult than being alone, but it is worth it. Hope is relational and rugged. May the hope of Jesus be the story of our relationships.

Just Choose Hope



God’s local and global hope is amplified through compassionate people. 

Additional Scripture Reading: Isaiah 40, Psalm 27, Romans 15


How has your hope increased in the last twelve weeks?


How can your share the hope that God gives you with your family and neighbors?

How can followers of Jesus lead their cities to Jesus?


Eternal God, You never run out of hope. We abide with You, Jesus, and receive in abundance. We put our hope in You, God, and stand on Your word which is truth. We want to soar like eagles spiritually together. May Your people be the priests and ministers You have called all of us to be. We want to have one hope and be faithful to spread the gospel locally and globally. Jesus, we unite together at home and church because You are leading us. We live and pray in Your unrivaled name, amen.