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12 Weeks of unity


Where To Start
Read Genesis 37 and then watch the WEEK FOUR video.

The forgiveness of Jesus changes all of our relationships.

Ephesians 4:31-32



The forgiveness we receive through Jesus is eternal and complete. We are united with God in His family forever. Let that sink in deeply. God empowers you to forgive others. We are like Jesus when we forgive. It is always good to forgive. Forgiveness brings hope in a world full of grudges and resentment. Forgiveness is counter-cultural. Without God’s help, we cannot forgive. Forgiveness opens the door for God’s presence.

Forgiveness is a daily decision of the will, but healing takes time.

Forgiveness does not mean that what the other person did is acceptable. Forgiveness does not mean that you need to be friends or necessarily spend time together. Some people are not safe, and distance is wise. Forgiveness does not mean you forget. Forgiveness does not mean you need to stop being discerning. Forgiveness does not mean to be naive or ignore facts. When someone commits a crime, they might still have legal consequences even if they are forgiven. Forgiveness has a cost that Jesus paid. Sin is costly. Vengeance belongs to the Lord, and God will have the final say.

Forgive and trust God with the results.

Joseph was mistreated by his brothers and sold into slavery. God was with him in Egypt as he endured pain and false accusations. Because Joseph entrusted himself to the Lord, God raised him up. God provided for Joseph and many lives were saved through his generosity. His brothers were malevolent, but God turned it around for good. If you have sinned, apologize and ask for forgiveness. If someone has sinned against you, do not let the sun go down on your anger and do not carry the poison of bitterness. Start with your family and make things right. Forgiveness is often both the hardest and best step forward. God wants to give you peace, freedom, and restoration.

Just Choose Hope



If you are forgiven by God, then you must fully forgive others.

Additional Scripture Reading: Genesis 50, Matthew 18,  Ephesians 4


What is the reason you forgive others and the basis for how you respond to people during the day?


How is forgiveness always a wise and beneficial decision?

Who do you need to fully forgive and let go of all bitterness and resentment?


Thank You God for Your grace and mercy. Jesus, thank You for dying for our sins. We are eternally grateful for Your pardon. Because we have freely received, we freely give. We let go of all grudges and bitterness. We pray for those who mistreat us. Guide us we pray God, and may we love people like You do. We ask this for Your glory Jesus. Amen.