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12 Weeks of unity


Where To Start
Read Esther 8 and then watch the WEEK EIGHT video.

Courageous conversations glorify God.

Ephesians 4:15-16



God communicates with us every day through Scripture and the Holy Spirit. When you love someone, you value their voice and listen closely. Jesus is always full of love and truth. We need God’s voice to strengthen, lead, reassure, comfort, and convict us. Sheep wander, but the Good Shepherd protects and provides. In a noisy culture, you need to be intentional to take time to hear and reflect on what God is saying to you. Cultivate hope habits. The Word of God is completely reliable and eternal. You can read, listen, memorize, meditate, and share the Bible with other people every day. God’s Word nourishes your soul. The enemy wants us to be confused, but Scripture brings infinite hope. We can share God’s promises with compassion and confidence. Communicate with love and truth. Communicate with honesty and humility. Communicate with conviction and clarity. Timidity is not from God. Reject being silent about who God is and what God has done in your life.

Rely on the Holy Spirit, and your words will shine a bright light in a dark world.

Mordecai adopted Esther, his cousin. They walked with God together as family. There is nothing more important. They listened to God during the most intense trials. When there was a decree in the land to annihilate all the Jewish people, they fasted. They found creative ways to reach each other when they were separated as Esther became queen. Their positive communication became the bond God used to rescue the Israelites. How you communicate in moments of high stress affects the trajectory of the outcome.

Relationships are tested, but if you choose hope and unity God is honored.

The spiritual temperature in your home is linked to having conversations about God. The Bible says to be intentional with your children, as parents are the primary people to support and train kids to walk with God. Share your story and faith with family members who do not know the Lord. Within your church, reject gossip and slander. Build people up with your words. Talk about people with kindness even when they are not in the room. Compliment your co-workers sincerely and frequently. Give God the glory for success. Your words are powerful and can be very inspirational.

Just Choose Hope



Communicate clearly and consistently with both truth and love.

Additional Scripture Reading: Esther 2-4, Proverbs 18,  Colossians 4


What positive relationship risks and deeper conversations is God leading you to have?


How can you encourage more people in your church family?

How are you doing with listening well daily to people?


God, thank You for the Bible and how You communicate with us. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for guiding us with insights and revelation. Jesus, thank You for always being full of love and truth. May we listen closely to Your voice as our Good Shepherd. Help us to connect at home and at church with kind, patient, and encouraging words. Help us with courageous conversations so our unity will be strengthened. We ask all these requests in Jesus’ holy name, amen.