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28 Days Of Hope

DAY 13

Where To Start
Read the large crowd’s Hope story in Luke 6:46-49 and then watch the DAY THIRTEEN video.

Jesus asks: Why do you call me “Lord, Lord” and do not do what I say?

Luke 6:46



Jesus was teaching about good trees bearing good fruit, and bad trees bearing bad fruit. Each tree is known by its fruit. Then Jesus contrasted wise and foolish builders. The foundation of our lives is determined by our response to Jesus and His words. Intellectual agreement is not the end goal. Verbal affirmation is not the end goal.

Alignment with heaven happens when we live in a way that honors and glorifies God.

Sin is an archery term meaning to miss the mark. There are sins of omission when we fail to do the good things God wants us to do. Nothing is hidden from God’s sight. Our family and friends will confirm the truth too. Sins of commission include doing what God forbids us to do. In both cases, repentance is the answer.

Repentance is deeper than a surface level behavioral modification. Yes, our actions need to change. Underneath our visible response is our beliefs. If you don’t believe that keeping your word is always the right thing to do, you will wiggle out of your commitments, not follow through, and rationalize why you dropped the ball again. You will only keep your word when it’s easy or convenient, not when it’s costly. Your belief needs to change to make your action consistent. If someone thinks that drunkenness, swearing, or pornography is not a big deal, they won’t really change their actions.

There is a layer deeper than behavior and beliefs. It is your view of God. I call this “behold”. If you don’t see God as faithful to protect and provide, you will anxiously worry. You might want to worry less and believe worrying is not helpful, but until you know who God is and trust Him, worry continues. There were large crowds of people who enjoyed hearing Jesus teach, but they didn’t want to fully follow Him. They were intrigued by His messages and miracles but refused to be doers of His words. Jesus challenged them to abide and have a solid foundation of hope. Repentance includes all three levels: behavior, belief, and behold.

Hope leads to a greater consistency in our walk with God.

The Apostle Paul confessed that he often does what He knows is wrong. He admits that he is wretched apart from Christ. The Bible says to kill the flesh so we can live by the Spirit. It’s as if your life was a house, and you need to open up every door in the house so God can fully enter. If you only open up half the doors, you will have a double life and compromise your integrity. God tells us to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Yield to God. Ask for His presence. The Holy Spirit can take over and bring hope into the rooms that have been moldy, closed, messy, broken, dingy, or abandoned. The root determines the fruit. Hope is the fruit that is available for anyone who will say yes to the Holy Spirit’s leadership. God will never turn away from anyone who is contrite and asks for His presence. Shift from darkness to light.

Just Choose Hope



We can follow Jesus with an undivided heart.


What is one way that your view of Jesus can change your beliefs and behavior?


Do you believe that if we love Jesus, we should follow His commands? Provide some examples of difficult commands you follow daily.


Are there parts of your life where you have drifted away from Jesus’ guidance? If you’re unsure, pray for God to reveal those and return to the Lord.


What is Jesus saying to you about receiving His hope and following His ways on a daily basis?



Father God, forgive me for all of the ways I have forsaken you. I have often given you lip service and rattled off the right spiritual answers. My life looks more impressive on the outside, but You know the full story. I repent. Take over in my life I ask and fill me with the Holy Spirit. I beseech you, Jesus, and pray in Your name. Amen.