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28 Days Of Hope

DAY 24

Where To Start
Read Barnabas’ Hope story in Acts 4:29-37 and then watch the DAY TWENTY-FOUR video.

Be a great listener.

James 1:19



Outreach begins with listening, not talking. Your first step is to listen to God. It is also very important to listen well to the other person. Listen with your mind, heart, ears, and soul. Listen to their story. Listen to their pain points. Listen to their feelings. Listen to their questions. This is a person, not a project. This is a relationship, not a formula. This is a conversation with love, not a forced dialogue. Barnabas listened well to God and people. His generosity to those in financial need, bridging Paul with Christian fellowship after his radical conversion, and restoration of Mark after a failed mission trip, were examples of his selfless listening and heart of compassion. Jesus listened amazingly well. People felt heard and known. He listened with genuine interest. He made people feel like they truly mattered. Jesus invested his time in relationships. He was called a friend of sinners. He was criticized for loving people who were overlooked. He crossed age and ethnic barriers to connect.

It is inspiring how Jesus was able to build bridges with love and listening.

If you want to listen well, ask questions. It has been said that you have to ask someone three times before they open up to you. The first “How are you doing?” usually just means “I see you” in our culture. Then you ask, “How are you feeling about that?” and the other person recognizes that you really are interested in them and want to hear. The third time you add something like, “And how is that going?” They begin to feel cared for and that you come with compassion. People are looking for real relationships and a non-judgmental friend where they can let their guards down and be more transparent. We open up with others when we feel safe. Listen with the goal of understanding. Just get in their shoes.

Questions draw people out and are an invitation for healthy conversations.

These are some questions that I find myself asking in conversations about God: What was your religious background when you were growing up? Did you have good experiences or negative ones? Did you go to church as a kid? Where are you with faith at this point in your life? What are your thoughts about God? How interested are you in Jesus? Has anyone ever told you about the grace of God? Is anything preventing you from following Jesus? Are you looking for a church? Do you have a Bible? I continue to be amazed at how God will take one question and open up an incredible conversation. I am convinced people really want to go deeper and am often surprised how many people want to talk about Jesus and faith. There is a yearning for hope that people already have. This world is searching and starving for hope. Your questions and listening might literally be an answer to their prayers.

Just Choose Hope



We can listen well and bring refreshment for tired people.


What questions do you like to ask people and why? Intentionally ask some spiritual questions to the people you interact with this week.


Do you consider yourself to be an excellent listener? Explain how you could grow in this relational area.


How often do people who do not follow Jesus share their story and pain with you? Explain your answer.


Why is it wise to listen with the goal of understanding?



God, You always listen well, and I want to be more like You. Help me to slow down with what I want to say, so that I can listen better to You and other people. I know when I listen, others feel loved. I want to demonstrate Your compassion by humbling myself and taking time to be available. I want to listen with my heart, mind, and soul. Please help me, Jesus. I pray in Your name, amen.