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28 Days Of Hope

DAY 18

Where To Start
Read Joshua’s Hope story in Joshua 1:1-11 and then watch the DAY EIGHTEEN video.

Meditation brings strength.

Joshua 1:6-9



When you enjoy your favorite meal, you savor each bite. Every chapter of Scripture is saturated with God’s hope and goodness. Let the flavor of the passage marinate in your mind. God will fill you with His hope and new breakthroughs as you invest time in His word. Joshua had been wandering in the wilderness for a generation. The people did not trust God to move forward into the Promised Land. Joshua and Caleb were the only two who believed God’s Word. They had a different spirit. As your hope grows, not everyone will travel with you right away. Welcome them later in the journey when they are ready.

You will either walk by faith or by sight. When you walk by sight, fears can swell. When you walk by faith, hope rises.

Faith comes from hearing the Word of God. Faith agrees with God’s report. Faith leads to action. Faith rejects excuses. Faith aims to please an audience of One, not the crowds. Without faith, it’s impossible to please God. Faith is the assurance of what is unseen. Faith is more than intellectually believing a chair will hold you up; it’s when you sit in the chair that you have faith. Meditation on Scripture produces faith. The goal of Biblical meditation is to fill your mind, not empty it. When you are cooking, you let the food marinate in the right sauce and spices. When you take the time to meditate on God’s Word, additional flavors and insights can be enjoyed.

God was calling Joshua to lead in a new way. God was calling Joshua to go to new places. God was calling Joshua to win new battles. God was calling Joshua to do something that the previous generation avoided and doubted. God was calling Joshua to pass along his faith to the next generation. Can you relate to Joshua in any of these aspects of God’s direction for his life? With all of these dynamics happening at the same time, God’s exhortation to Joshua was to meditate on the Word of God. God promised that Joshua would be prosperous and successful. It was a conditional and hopeful statement. Meditation is optional just like hope is optional.

It’s wise to cultivate habits that lead to blessing. Be intentional like Joshua.

People go to the weight room to add physical strength. Protein offers nutritional strength for your muscles. God uses trials to strengthen your character. Spiritual and mental fortitude comes from meditation on scripture. Meditation ignites hope. Joshua had the perspective that God was greater than his challenges and obstacles. Joshua provided spiritual leadership. You lead and influence people spiritually in your home, at church, in your family, in your neighborhood, and online. You are called to guide people to Scripture, lead them to God, come alongside them with hope, serve them with love, exhort them to pray, and encourage them to be faithful in their purpose. When you meditate on the Bible, you are filled and have something to give. Your ministry flourishes because it is fueled by God’s Spirit and Word.

Just Choose Hope



We can gain courage and clarity by meditating on God’s word.


What has your experience with meditating on Scripture been?


Do you understand the Bible when you read it? What provides clarity?


How motivated are you to dive deeper into understanding and applying God’s word when you read a passage that challenges you?


What are different ways you can meditate on God’s word and why does God want to fill us?



God, Your word is so rich. I praise you for guiding and strengthening me. Your insights are timely and help me to keep walking by faith. Your character is flawless. I want to be intentional with my thoughts. I reject the messages and lies that do not come from You. I honor You Jesus today with what I choose to focus on with my mind. Thank you for Your infinite hope, Jesus, amen.