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28 Days Of Hope

DAY 14

Where To Start
Read the disciples’ Hope story in John 13:1-17 and then watch the DAY FOURTEEN video.

Jesus asks: Do you understand what I have done for you?

John 13:12



Jesus came to serve, not to be served. This was evident as He washed the disciples’ feet. The sinless Savior stooped down, not only from heaven to earth, but underneath the men He was leading. Down is up in the kingdom of God. Servant leadership is the only type of leadership that honors God. Serving is living. The greatest among you will serve the most. These are counter-cultural practices and often very counter-intuitive too. The question Jesus asks (“Do you understand what I have done for you?”) covers His specific foot washing but also extends to the cross where we experience the greatest demonstration of love, sacrifice, hope and humility. Salvation is free for His followers, but it cost Jesus His very life. The Good Shepherd is willing to die for the sheep so their hope and joy will be complete. It’s good to remember how much Jesus has done for us and express our thankfulness. That’s one of the reasons we take communion together. We take our focus off ourselves and bring our affection and devotion to Jesus.

When you understand what Christ has done for you, it changes your thoughts, attitudes, actions, words, motivations, relationships, work, and definition of success.

We live in a self-consumed and self-absorbed world. There is an endless appetite for more attention, more likes, more approval, more applause, more recognition, more pictures, more awards, more followers, more shares, more money, more possessions, more greed, and more affirmation. We are drunk on ourselves, our preferences and our opinions. What does it profit us to gain the whole world and forfeit our souls? (Mark 8:36) Who can deliver us from this narcissistic current? The One who washes our feet and asks us if we understand. Look at the people spit on Him, beat Him, mock Him, reject Him, and consider the scars from the nails in His hands. He never wavered but continued to serve in radical and unselfish ways. The goal of the Christian life is to become like Jesus. We love the power of His resurrection, but what about the suffering, service, and sacrifice? 

In real simple terms, we are called to actively serve our family, church, and neighbors.

Make this your passion. Freely you have received hope, now freely give it to others. Washing feet isn’t about how good it feels for you. Feet are dirty and the job is not glamorous. Love is a commitment. Listening is a commitment. Using your talents is a commitment. Being generous with your resources is a commitment. Jesus asks if we understand His vision, lifestyle, and commitment. Be imitators of Christ. Maybe you have been content to watch others wash feet. Maybe you have even become a foot washing critic, evaluating everyone else. You are not called to turn in scorecards to God. Pick up the towel and the water again. Go the extra mile and do consistently what others do occasionally. Hope will flow like a never-ending stream when you abide with Jesus and respond with serving. Shift from me-centered to God-centered. Misplaced hope is found again when we make the shifts that our loving God brings through His word and Spirit. Faith includes shifts as we trust God more and more.

Just Choose Hope



We can imitate Jesus in our attitude and actions.


How are you making your home and church a better place?


How would you describe servant leadership and is it a requirement for Christians?


Do you practice servant leadership with your family, at work, and in our community? Provide examples.


As a follower of Christ, do you believe you have a responsibility to lead others to Jesus and His hope? Are you actively doing so? Share what is fruitful in this season.



God, Your thoughts and ways are far above mine. You lead by example and serve so consistently and humbly. It moves me to be more like You, Jesus. Thank you for changing my heart. I pray that I will be generous and unselfish in my relationships. May it start with my family and friends today. I pray this in Your name Lord, amen.