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28 Days Of Hope

DAY 27

Where To Start
Read Acquila’s and Priscilla’s Hope story in Acts 18:18 and then watch the DAY TWENTY-SEVEN video. 

Be collaborative.

Matthew 25:37-40



Jesus gathered a group of twelve disciples because God’s plan was to change the world through a team of ordinary people. The Bible reveals that God establishes local churches throughout the world that are led by a team of elders. We need God and we need each other. Jesus’ longest prayer is recorded in John chapter 17. Our Savior prays for us, that we would be united so the world would know Him. Unity has a purpose. Unity is essential to reach your city. Unity generates spiritual momentum and accelerates God’s vision. Notice in the book of Acts how the followers of Jesus were willing to die for each other and die for their faith in the persecution. The two commitments are linked. Aquila and Priscilla were united in marriage and mission. That is a great way to live. Together they discipled Apollos, who reached many people with the gospel.

When we collaborate well, there is spiritual multiplication.

If churches are content to build their own mini kingdoms, they will not unite. If people are rigid about methodology and have no flexibility to embrace better ideas, they will not unite. If we overemphasize our logos, egos, and denominations, we will not unite. If we are fighting for the spotlight, we will not unite. I have played on championship soccer teams, and there is an unmistakable culture in the locker room. There is a “we over me” mentality. We don’t care who wins the awards, we just want to do well together. I have wondered why this is rare in faith circles. The one thing we cannot do alone is unite.

The one thing Jesus wants His body to do is unite.

Real unity is always aligned with Scripture and is fueled with a shared purpose and passion. Everyone participates. Like an elite crew team, everyone has an oar and knows their role. Everyone is significant on the team. For the last world cup, our team created content and partnered with a different ministry that focuses on distribution. There were 480,000 people who made first time decisions to follow Jesus. All glory to God. We have had many hope initiatives and people around the world start a relationship with God. This could never happen alone! God has chosen to move in exponential ways when we collaborate. Find a team and start a prison ministry, or visit convalescent homes, or raise money to help find a cure for kids with cancer, or minister to homeless people in your community. The lack of collaboration has been a blind spot for many Christians. It is time for a new movement.

Just Choose Hope



We can collaborate to grow in our faith and kingdom impact.


How can you focus on uniting with others and where do you see a lack of unity that you can work to restore?


How are you collaborating with others to accomplish meaningful work?


How open are you to overcoming barriers and working with other Christians in our community and throughout the world?


What changes do we need to be the united body of Christ that Jesus wants?



Gracious God, thank you for the unity we see in the Trinity. We praise You Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Thank You Jesus for praying for us and the unity we can enjoy and guard. Help me to see the body of Christ like you do. I want to love, serve, and partner with Your family in a deeper way. Unity brings You glory and that is my desire and prayer. In Jesus’ name, amen.