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28 Days Of Hope

DAY 25

Where To Start
Read Zacchaeus’ Hope story in Luke 19:1-10 and then watch the DAY TWENTY-FIVE video. 

Be generous.

1 Peter 4:8-9



Hope includes generosity. Jesus gave His life for us. There is no greater demonstration of love. Generosity includes time, talent, prayers, attitude, money, and words. You can bring generosity everywhere you go.

Generosity is a choice. Generosity is contagious.

Freely you have received, now freely give. Let the way Jesus treats you become the basis for how you treat other people. Don’t take your generosity cues from the culture. You have a greater reason to be generous than the patterns of the world. I’m not saying generosity is easy and will come naturally for you. Generosity includes sacrifice and a high cost. Consistent generosity takes commitment. It is deeper than just how you feel that day. Because Jesus forgives us, we forgive fully. Because Jesus selflessly serves us, we serve others. Because Jesus loves us perfectly, we have compassion for others. Know why you are being generous, because otherwise motivation can decline, and stinginess takes over.

When I lived in Zimbabwe, I was inspired by generosity. I learned that you could bring love, hospitality and generosity even when you have very little money or possessions. Your hospitality is not about the size of your house or your bank account. It’s about the amount of love and hope in your heart. Jesus is the light of the world, and He tells His followers that they are the light of the world. This is your identity in Jesus. Let your words and actions align with who you are. Light is greater than darkness. A night light reminds us that a small amount of light can go a long way in a dark room. When you love someone, you are also passing it forward. Someone who is loved will love others. The ripple effects are far beyond what you can see or plan. Know that you are God’s ambassador placed by God in specific settings and relationships.

When you are generous, people will see Jesus in you.

Zacchaeus was a greedy, selfish and corrupt tax collector until he had an encounter with Jesus. Then he became the most generous man in his community. He repaid his victims and looked for opportunities to support those in need. His turnaround was shocking and inspiring.

Let’s get very practical with generosity. The early church opened up their homes.

In our culture, isolation and loneliness is rampant.

We often prefer to drive our vehicles home, close the garage door, and never know or interact much with our neighbors. We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home and forget that it belongs to God. We care deeply about how our house looks, but don’t really think about who to invite to our homes. Your home has so much potential. When was the last time you had someone over for a meal or dessert, or to even watch a game or show together? If you have kids, welcome their friends. Yes, it might mean an extra trip to the grocery store, extra clean up, and possibly something in your home might be broken. Take the relationship risks. People will remember how much you care about them more than anything else. Hope includes hospitality.

Just Choose Hope



Our talents and possessions are gifts from God that can be shared generously.


How generous has Jesus been to you and who can you invite over to your house this month?


Do you consider your talents and possessions to be a result of your hard work or are they gifts from God? Explain your thoughts.


In what ways are you generous in sharing your talents for God’s purpose and glory?


How are you generous in sharing your possessions and how does that bring hope to people?



God, everything I have is from You and belongs to You. I want to steward my money, time, and talents well. My prayer is that I can make a difference locally and globally. There is great hope in providing generously and with real love. I turn from selfishness and stinginess and embrace your freedom and kindness. Freely I have received, and freely I give, in Jesus’ name, amen.