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28 Days Of Hope


Where To Start
Read Nicodemus’ Hope story in John 3:1-21 and then watch the DAY FIVE video. 

God gives you a calling because He is your Redeemer.

2 Corinthians 5:20-21



Nearness to God increases your sense of calling. Jesus invited the disciples first to Him, then to spend time together, then He sent them out with purpose. Jesus redeems, which means to purchase through His shed blood. This act of love demonstrates how valuable you are to God. Hope is costly. Hope is free for us, but it was not free for Jesus. Hope has a price that we can never pay. Only Jesus was sinless. Only Jesus was both God and human. Only Jesus could take our place on the cross. Only Jesus became sin for us. Only Jesus gives us His righteousness in a great exchange. Only Jesus overcame the grave and left the tomb. Only Jesus has victory over death. Only Jesus is our Redeemer. To redeem means to buy back. We were purchased with the precious blood of Jesus. Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sins. God is holy. The wages of sin are separation from God for eternity. We were on our way to hell, but Jesus rescued us. The death and resurrection of Jesus is our only hope. This is the gospel, and this is why we will worship Jesus forever.

Hope is not dainty with merely a fancy ribbon. Hope is real, rugged, and knows how to walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Jesus saves. In Christ, the power of sin is broken as you have a way out in every temptation. The penalty of sin has been poured out on the Messiah. The presence of sin will be removed in heaven. Jesus has saved you from the worst imaginable eternity. Jesus has also saved you for a great purpose. The goal is not only that we will be in heaven but also that we will bring heaven to earth. God’s unstoppable kingdom is growing every day. God has given you a calling that far exceeds anything we can plan or any job we can apply for in the marketplace.

God’s hope is your calling.

The Bible says that when you start a relationship with Jesus, you are a minister, priest, and ambassador of Christ. Those roles are not something you earn after many years of writing papers and taking Bible tests. Your position and calling starts immediately when you follow Jesus. The priesthood of all believers is radical and Biblical. Imagine what would happen in churches across our country if everyone realized that they are already a minister and have a ministry where they live, work, learn, and play. Imagine what would happen if every day as an ambassador of Jesus you received and gave hope. Imagine what would happen if instead of just the church staff being the priests, we all loved people and led them to God. This is God’s vision and calling on your life. Nicodemus was religious, but he wasn’t born again. The first part of your call is to know God and the second part is to make Him known. You can try to rationalize, deny, or run from it like Jonah, but you cannot stop His calling. Jesus, our Redeemer, saves us both from and for a great hope and daily purpose. It is time to receive this truth and change the world.

Just Choose Hope



We have a calling to serve God in all places and at all times.


How does Jesus help you to receive and give hope every day?


Do you feel as if you are called to your profession? Please explain why or why not.


Do you feel called to share your faith? How does this calling turn into action?


What are the purposes God has for your unique experiences and relationships with people? Are you actively fulfilling those purposes?



Father God, I praise You for rescuing and redeeming me. Your love has been demonstrated in such a powerful way. Your hope is eternal. I want everyone to taste and see how good You are. Help me to be faithful to all You have called me to do and say. I pray in the wonderful name of Jesus and for Your glory, amen.