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28 Days Of Hope

DAY 21

Where To Start
Read John’s Hope story in John 15:1-17 and then watch the DAY TWENTY-ONE video.

Abiding brings joy.

John 15:4-5



Hope is essential and available. We are lost without God’s hope. A compass gives you direction, truth, and alignment. It is wise to pick up a compass, gather information, and recalibrate so that you will reach your destination well. In the same way, the very best decision on your spiritual journey is to abide with Jesus. When you pick up God’s Word and keep in step with the Spirit, you are cultivating habits that bring hope and progress every day. When you find other people who want to abide and journey together, there is a shared purpose, passion, and joy.

Embers alone start to fade, but when we unite together, there is a bonfire.

Abiding is an individual choice and a collective experience. Abiding includes both me and we. Abiding is the heartbeat of the follower of Jesus. Abiding starts with nearness because hope is relational. God is with us. God loves us. God abounds with hope. God has a plan that is good. These are foundational truths that inspire us to grow in our faith and walk humbly as we trust God together.

I lived in Sonoma County, Northern California which is considered wine country. I toured vineyards and learned more about the agricultural process of growing grapes. It includes scientific truths, awareness of moisture levels, cultivating the soil, determined effort, sunshine, and ultimately reliance on God.  You can read John chapter 15 where Jesus said the branches do not bear fruit apart from the vine. Jesus is the true vine. The Father is the gardener who prunes the branches, so they bear more fruit.

Abiding includes listening, trusting, remaining, receiving, and relying on Jesus fully.

Jesus turned water into wine as His first miracle at a wedding. Wine was symbolic of the joy that He brings. He made the wine in ceremonial jars. In other words, He was bringing the highest quality of joy that the religious customs and systems can never produce. You will never find more hope than when you abide with Jesus.

Abiding always works in every situation. It’s impossible to abide with Jesus and not bear fruit. Cultivating habits like spending time with God in His Word are the springboard we need in our daily relationship with Jesus. Abide and respond. Habits are intentional. John, through the power of the Holy Spirit, is the author of five books in the Bible and walked closely with God. The Scripture describes John as leaning back against Jesus during a meal and resting in His presence. John knew He was loved by God. Communion with God became John’s passion.

Within the trinity we see perfect unity and community.

Jesus was filled and led by the Holy Spirit. Jesus is our Good Shepherd and example of how to navigate through this life. Jesus submitted to the Father with trust and hope. We are never alone. Now we abide by faith, and in heaven we will abide by sight. You always have hope because you can always abide with the Lord. As God fills you with His overflowing hope, you will discover the fullness of your purpose. You are blessed to be a blessing.

Just Choose Hope



We can abide in God’s presence and bear much fruit.


How does God’s Word help you abide with Jesus?


How are abiding and daily hope connected? Give some details to your answer.


When do you feel closest to God and how can you have more of these times? Share some of these moments.


If you surrender and trust God more, how would your life be radically transformed?



Holy God, You welcome me with grace. You draw me with kindness. Your perfection is stunning. You are the true God who is my Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer. I want to devote myself to spending more time with You through Your word. Thank You for new habits. I know that time with You is well spent, and I will reap what I sow. Your hope continues to increase in my life, and I thank You Jesus, amen.