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28 Days Of Hope


There is a gap between American Christianity and Biblical Christianity. Make the Bible your North Star. A culture is a people’s thoughts and ways. Scripture is God’s thoughts and ways. God is transforming us and there are growing pains. Each time we step out of sin, we step into freedom. God wants us to have the life that is truly life. Week 2 gave a practical roadmap for hope decisions and shifts. We want to honor and worship God by walking in the light. You have navigated through the most difficult part of the 28 days. You are making room for God and what He wants to do in your life. Let’s move forward to week 3 as God trains us in His ways and we start a new song and rhythm in our walk with Jesus.

God will empower you and encourage you with His daily hope.

Hope is habitual. God empowers us to make daily decisions that fuel us forward. Hope increases when we intentionally cultivate actions that are inspiring and transformative. One of the very best habits is daily time in God’s Word. You can read, study, listen, memorize, share, meditate and apply Scripture as you become a doer of the Word. During these 28 days, we are spending time in the Bible every day. Don’t stop doing this when the four weeks end. You can start a daily program that bolsters this hope habit. There are many resources and guides. Many people decide to read the Bible in one year, which is about three chapters a day.

Daily Scripture is the gateway that leads to serving, praying, fasting, giving, worshipping, and sharing your faith.

We will walk through this progression over the next seven days. The Bible will keep you from sin or sin will keep you from the Bible. The Word of God is filled with hope. It is our North Star and compass in a confusing world. It is our truth source. It is God-breathed and fully reliable. It is our playbook for the Christian life. The Holy Spirit will give you insights and teach you. Let God’s Word dwell in you, and your hope will increase in all situations.

DAY 15

Where To Start
Read Josiah’s Hope story in 2 Chronicles 34:1-33 and then watch the DAY FIFTEEN video.

Scripture brings nourishment.

Matthew 4:4



Hope can increase and decrease based on our daily decisions. Your habits matter and are powerful. Jesus was tested. The devil looked Jesus in the eyes. He knew that if the perfect Messiah stumbles and sins, there will be no salvation for mankind. The devil tempted Jesus three times. Jesus responded the same way with each test because His approach works. He quoted the Bible every time He was tempted. There is power in the Word of God. It is our sword in the spiritual battle. Why did Jesus choose this response? He knew we would be tempted every day, and He gave us the key to purity and victory. How many Christians do you know who quote the Bible when they are tempted? It is one of the most underutilized resources to ward off temptation and walk away from sin. I’m passionate about this because I see so many Christians have strongholds and fall yet refuse to quote the Bible. It takes ten minutes to memorize a verse and you can use it to provide a way out for the rest of your life! Jesus referred to the book of Deuteronomy every time. You can use the same verses He selected or choose a verse that is meaningful to you.

There is power in the Word of God.

The Bible is like a menu for your soul. Each book has a different flavor and boost in your relationship with God. It is a love letter from your Maker. Savor your time listening to God and drawing close to your Savior. We spend so much time and energy shopping for physical food, preparing it, cooking it, and eating it. Jesus values spiritual food to a greater degree. We need both to survive. Find a Bible study group and learn together. Find people who are spiritually hungry and grow with Jesus together. I remember when my grandpa was in his seventies and had countless bookmarks in his Bible. He told me he really wants to get to know God better before He goes to heaven. His comment is part of His legacy. I have His Bible and picture in my office. He is with Jesus now.

Josiah was only 8 years old when he became king, and he began to seek God as a teenager. He discovered the Scripture and repented. Then he led the nation to return to God and honor His word. God can use people of all ages to spiritually inspire.

The more time we spend in Scripture, the more our hope grows and develops.

We have four children, and every night we share Scripture together with them. In our house, the declaration before bedtime, “It’s time for the devotional” continues. Their souls need nourishment. They need more than just human words and affirmation. They need to hear it from God. The Bible will form your worldview, teach you about relationships, strengthen your inner life, reveal your purpose, help you discern truth, motivate you deeply, and build up your theology. I’m eternally grateful for how God changes us through His Word. I came to know Jesus when I read the Gospel of John at Dartmouth College. This is one habit I want to highlight for you. If you are in the word daily, begin to encourage and challenge friends and family to join you.

Just Choose Hope



We can be spiritually nourished and strengthened from God’s word daily.


What is one verse you can start quoting when you are tempted?


Do you believe we are strengthened through reading Scripture? If so, provide some specific examples in your life.


Do you read your Bible daily? Describe the benefits of taking this step of faith.


What changes should we make to better nourish ourselves spiritually every day and why do we overfocus on physical food?



Thank You God for communicating with us and making Yourself known through Scripture. I praise You because You are trustworthy. Your word stands forever. Mockers and scoffers will face the truth. Your words are living and active. I pray in Your holy name Jesus, amen.