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28 Days Of Hope

DAY 19

Where To Start
Read Joseph’s Hope story in Genesis 50:15-21 and then watch the DAY NINETEEN video.

Prayer brings peace.

Philippians 4:6-7



Hope habits multiply as Scripture teaches us how to pray. Investing time in God’s Word will increase your desire to pray. You can include the verses you read in your prayers. Hope flourishes when there is two-way communication with God. Prayer is the intimate language of the soul. Praying together in marriage should be frequent. Prayer with children deposits hope in their souls. God says that He wants the church to be a house of prayer for people from all nations. Many people are scared to pray out loud with others, even though the Bible says it’s good to do so.

May God bring hope, a breakthrough, and new victories in prayer.

God says there are blessings we don’t have because we don’t ask for them in prayer. God will give you wisdom whenever you ask for it and believe Him. Prayer includes adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication, and listening. Praying for people is a way to demonstrate your love as you intercede on their behalf. Prayer unites us. Prayer glorifies God. Prayer is an invitation to His throne of grace. Prayer leads to healing. Prayer fans the flame of hope. Prayer is what we need in our homes and nation today.

Much prayer, much hope. Little prayer, little hope.

One aspect of prayer that has transformed my life is pouring out my heart to God. You can literally give God your anxiety and ask Him to carry your burdens. He will lighten your load. You can cast it on Him and He wants to receive it. You can pour out your soul because God cares about you. You can be confident He hears you. Jesus says all who are weary should come to Him. His yoke is easy, and His burden is light. Martha was scurrying but Mary was at the feet of Jesus. Joseph was mistreated by his brothers, but God was with him. He learned that God’s presence is greater than all of his challenges. Joseph had peace in all situations because He lived prayerfully and carried a non-anxious presence when life was disappointing and painful. It’s not hard to find people who are exhausted, overly stressed, depleted, worn down, and empty. It’s time to pray. God wants to restore you and fill you with hope. It’s time to pray and dream again. It’s time for a fresh wind from the Holy Spirit. May it start here and now with us.

Just Choose Hope



God’s peace and guidance are always available through daily prayer.


In which aspect of prayer do you want to grow?


When you experience anxiety during the week, how do you respond?


Do you ever spend your entire prayer time just thanking Jesus for all He has done in your life? Share what you pray most about.


What changes could you make in your daily schedule to guard your time with God?



You are a good God. You answer my prayers. You listen with compassion. You are available at any point in the day. You carry my burdens. You sustain and comfort us. You know every person and are glad when we seek You. May Your kingdom come, and Your will be done. I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus, amen.